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Yeast Starter blew out!

I made a 2L starter with 2 Wyeast 1056 smack packs, yeast nutrient, a shot of O2 at the beginning and intermittent shaking. Last night it was going strong and this morning it had a nice high krausen.

Then I went to work and…

Why is Stack Overflow discouraging "which book should I read for…" questions? [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

Maybe this is not such a stupid question. There are similars, but they don’t directly answer what I’m asking:

So, watching the second answer, can I actually post something like “What’s your favourite book to learn Objective-C?” (for example)

I’m asking this because I think that programmers actually have hard times finding good books (they cost a lot) and sharing this knowledge with others is sure a good idea (expecially for the wallet).

Now these questions are getting closed more often, but still I think that Stack Overflow is the main place where I should look for when I’m going to buy new programming books.

Are there any “formula” that allows me to get some suggestions about which book should I buy, such as “Which is the most popular book to learn Objective-C”?

And finally, why are book-questions discouraged on this website (expecially programming books) when even if they are subjective all the questions ends up in having an answer with a lot of upvotes making the answer quite explicit in such case.

I think that Stack Overflow is a place where you share knowledge and not talking about books (source of knowledge) is a bad idea. I think it’s not a random situation that all questions about books are heavily visited/voted/discussed. I think it’s an important signal from the community that is saying “we are interested in this!”

Edit 1:

I’m having a lot of comments, so I post some updates here:

Is a valid question *What’s the most popular book for Stack Overflow users to learn XXX?”. Obviusly the book should be related to programming (like a programming language).