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How to clean paper hat?

I have a very delicate white paper hat that has turned yellow on several areas. How can I whiten it? Can I bleach it? Send it to the dry clean? …Paint it? I have considered using soapy water but I’m afraid it wouldn’t be ge…

Which contraceptives are vegan?

There exists a wide range of methods for contraception. Some are obvious vegan (e.g. NFP), while others clearly aren’t (e.g. birth control pill containing lactose). Which contraceptives are vegan?

(There exists a similar que…

Sustainable diapers?

I’m looking for a sustainable overnight (read: long lasting, high-absorbancy) diaper for my 3yo daughter. She has been cloth diapered since she was a newborn, but now I just can’t find an overnight cloth diaper that won’t lea…

Lockscreen Slideshow

Can I set my lock screen to run through a set of pictures? Similar to how bing scrolls through screen savers on a PC.
I have tried to find a setting but nothing works.

Como descrevo uma fala de personagem?

Em um texto narrativo, quando quero colocar uma fala de personagem em um texto, eu uso aspas ou apenas o travessão?

Veja os exemplos.

Com travessão:

– Filho, você não vai vir comemorar o aniversário do seu avô? Ele tá per…