Monthly Archives: November 2017

Question: Can anyone edit a picture for me to make the background completely white?

My boyfriend and I are taking the ACT next week, and we have to submit a photo by tonight or in the morning with a complete white background, but he doesn’t have anywhere for a white background. If anyone knows how to do this, please comment your email or ask for mine and I will… Read More »

Question: Should I start Vernon Davis or Kyle Rudolph this week?

Vernon Davis is playing against Dallas. Rudolph is playing against Atlanta. and why?

Question: Question about dogs and cats?

So dogs come from wolves and canines and cats come from lions, tigers, cheetahs and panthers and leopards . so and so I think those animals where cats are from are called Panthera , and they are bigger than wolves, why are domesticated dogs usually bigger than cats and cats usually smaller than dogs? When… Read More »

Question: AP Physics 1 Friction help?

A truck slowly title its bed upwards to dispose a 95kg crate. When the angle exceeds 23.3degrees, the crate begins to slide. What is the coefficient of static friction between the bed of the truck and the crate? The teacher said to all the work and formula derivation, but he never showed us how to… Read More »