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Question: Can I ask for a transfer before officially starting work at a job?

I got a job at a office Depot and I have a orientation soon but the location of the store is too far away from home for me to consistently go full time. I already had to reschedule my orientation because I can’t drive and getting there is iffy.

Question: Jobs for loner?

Possible job for loners? private work space, preferbly your own office, very little day to day contact with coworkers, lunch can be eaten on your own and job being very independent as in your job isnt watching your every move. any ideas or recommendation? sorry for typos;; *as in your boss isnt watching your every… Read More »

Question: My parents kicked me out, evicted me actually, and I have no job and not even enough money for boxes. I am 30 years old, male.?

Are there programs for the homeless that can assist me? I am from the Syracuse NY area. The trolls are those who throw accusations instead of trying to help people. Useless YA point climbers.

Question: Would I be more likely to land a job this way?

If I started calling random companies that aren’t hiring and asked them for a position would I be more likely to get one instead of applying on indeed since there would be a lot less competition for me? I’m sure companies always have at least one or two positions available right? And the only resume… Read More »

Question: If I only work on a job a few weeks, do I need to include them on my resume’?

I had my exit interview today and while I felt like I was in a police interrogation, it really opened my eyes. I’m scheduled to start a new job Monday and this has to be the worst move I ever made. I barely get by on my $10/hr. job and the new job will be… Read More »

Question: How do I leave a job, I just started? Does it look bad?

I just took a part time job a month ago. I also took a per diem job to pick up on my days off. Well, I like the per diem better and my boss there asked me to come on full time. But just the other day my part time job out of the blue… Read More »

Question: Lease transfer to build a family member’s credit?

Okay, so I’m 21 and had a collection on my credit so I had to get my mom to lease a car for me. Now it has been charged off and my credit has improved drastically over the past year (about 100 points) .. I have been the one making payments this entire time, the… Read More »

Question: How do managers handle people like this?

For example.. someone wanted out of a position at my work to go into another.. they hired new people to take her place and even moved a person into that position that wanted it and now she wants it back. I doubt it would last since she doesn’t like that position, but she said the… Read More »