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Question: Why is soccer so dumb?

Everyone goes rabid over it when games like the Champion’s League final happen but seriously it’s so dumb! I mean it sounds cool kick the ball into a goal without using ur hands or arms I guess that’s kinda funny but why not use the limbs you’ve got? In tennis are they like ‘yeah, hit… Read More »

Question: Should I give cello lessons to my grown-up son?

Dear all, I’m a cellist in an orchestra. None of my three children have become musicians, but the two girls do play the piano. Only my son, 34 years old, has never shown any interest in learning how to play an instrument at all. I gave him a few cello lessons when he was a… Read More »

Question: What is the likely chance of me dying from neurosurgery or electroconvulsive therapy?

My psychiatrist who misdiagnosed me with schizophrenia and psychosis after he refused to believe me someone had defamed me and caused others to see me as a contemptible person for each year my bully defamed me, and where this psychiatrist forced me to take medication that only caused symptoms of the mental illnesses it treats,… Read More »