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Question: How do I get incompatible NES games to run on NES Classic Edition?

I’ve hacked my NES Classic Edition with Hakchi2, and I chose about 160 games to put on there. However 4 of the games do not work, as when I open them, they give a C6 error. I know there is a way to run them with RetroArch, but I don’t know how to get that… Read More »

Question: Why do 20th century born people miss their decades?

I was born in 2000, it don’t get what those born in 1999 or before have in their minds! Hell those born after ’91 don’t even know what the 90s were about, they’re obsessed with their stupid decades! I laugh when they think the 20th century is so much better than my-born 21st century because… Read More »