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Question: What is the best weight loss pill fda approved?

I’ve counted calories before, but it didnt work out for me. I begun having obsessed with food and i kept questioning concerning meals. Often i would eat over the number of calories ive planned then i would binge eat mainly because i was unsatisfied that i broke my eating plan. I simply arrive across this… Read More »

Question: Can lack of sleep stunt growth?

Hello, I’m having a lot of anxiety about this. During the week (Monday through Friday), I get very little sleep, out of those days, I usually only get enough sleep on one or two of those days, but I usually sleep for over twelve hours on Saturdays and Sundays. So, can not getting enough sleep… Read More »

Question: I think I had a stomach virus but I’m still not feeling well?

Last Wednesday evening I felt very nauseous for about two hours, then threw up. It never happened again, but for the next few days I had nausea that came and went, and I felt very exhausted. Now it’s Monday, and I still have the nausea and feel exhausted. Could a stomach virus hang around this… Read More »

Question: 2 doctors tested my skin for an allergy and it visually appeared within seconds. Do I still need to see an allergist or dermatologist?

It is work related and has been made into a workers compensation claim. Do I need to see more doctors because of this?My primary doctor did not want me to have further testing since it was already proven and she did not want more exposure on my skin. My work is wanting me to see… Read More »

Question: What causes red lower-cheeks when warm? (not rosacea)?

Basically, when I get warm or flushed or anything, not only do the apples of my cheeks get red, but also the bottom (near my jawline, etc) goes very red. I’ve never been ever to find out what this could be, especially since it’s not rosacea (isn’t there all the time, only when I’ve been… Read More »