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Question: Why do people think shared custody is wrong?

I can’t wrap my mind around this one. I CAN’T see why one parent should be forced to give up their parental rights because a relationship couldn’t work out. Yet so many people think the children should “live in only one home.” What if being a parent is really important to BOTH parents and they… Read More »

Question: What siblings go with mine and my sister’s names?

So, my name is Reagan (I’m a girl) and my little sister’s name is Abigail. We have an older half-sister named Maranda (same dad, different mom). I was wondering, if we were your daughters and you had another child(ren), what would their names be? Basically, what names would go well with Reagan and Abigail (and… Read More »

Question: Have you ever seen a parent act this way towards their child?

Ok so I saw this episode of “What would you do?” where this mom was being abusive to her daughter because she wasn t doing a good job at ice skating. For example she was saying that her daughters performance was pathetic and she even said ” It s embarrassing to have you as a… Read More »