Do Professional Athletes Drink Gatorade(/Powerade), or Brands Such as High5, SiS or Torq?

By | July 11, 2018

I saw at the world cup that Gatorade is the official energy drink. Are the players actually drinking Gatorade? I would have assumed that they would drink a specialised drink, such as one from Science in Sport or High5 -- for individual sports, I would even expect that they would even mix their own (possibly in conjunction with, or with advice from, a brand such as SiS). I see tennis players often having the SiS gels, and I know (or at least am pretty sure!) that cyclists use energy drinks from brands such as SiS.

I never thought of Gatorade or Powerade as a drink for professionals; not as extreme as Lucozade Sport, but not serious enough for professionals. Was(/am) I mistaken?

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