Learning modern MTT basics in limited time

By | October 26, 2016

I am a winning low-stakes live cash game pro with mediocre abilities. I have qualified for a day 2 of a big live tournament, with a well above-average stack. Day 2 starts in 5 days. (There is a TL;DR at the end.)

Many years ago, I had significant success in online MTTs. I would play a Harringtonian style early on, then move on to steals, 9X 3bet-Cbets from the blinds and Kill Everyone-style unexploitable resteals, occasionally experimenting with light 4bet shoves if the HUD warranted it.

I have mostly stopped playing MTTs since then. Whenever I decide to play one, I feel I am behind the game and getting outplayed frequently. People are raising small and calling, calling, calling. Everyone defends in the BB, then folds to a Cbet 1/3 of the pot. ('Charging draws' is no longer relevant.) Nobody bets more than half the pot, ever. Nobody calls a 3bet shove with AJ, ever. People are raise-folding and 3bet-folding all the time with ridiculously short stacks. Everybody seems to be concerned with stack preservation and extracting value from medium-strength hands, even at the expense of getting maximum value on strong ones.

I have watched some Twitch and experimented (online) with emulating this new small-bet style, floating OOP with backdoor draws etc and have had some success with it, but it was probably mostly luck and I didn't really understand what I was doing.

A lot of modern MTT poker is unfamiliar to me.

So my question is this: given the limited preparation time, what can I do study-wise that has the greatest reward/effort ratio? I am not looking to become an excellent MTT player in four days. I am looking to understand the basics of current MTT play.

TL;DR: weaktight reshove monkey wants to get on speed with the basics of the modern MTT game in a few days. What should he focus on?