PET Bottle shelf life

By | February 6, 2017

I have my first brew now in the primary and fermenting away for approaching 48 hours now. I plan to leave it there for 3 weeks rather than risk amateur mistakes for the small benefits secondary offers (if any).

But I'm starting to second guess bottling methods that I will use. The brewing kit I bought (the bucket etc. not ingredients) came with 40 PET bottles and lids. I've been reading that while perfectly suitable, they do not lend themselves to long shelf lives - some people seem to be saying 2 months at room temp at best before a noticeable oxidation takes place or max 6 months in the fridge. Is this right? Not sure I'm going to get through 5 gallons that quick so if this is true, I may think about investing in glass and crown caps before bottling day.

Also, I don't have a fridge big enough to stand 40 bottles upright. I'm assuming that laid flat is fine (after allowing conditioning at room temp for a while) provided the beer gets a good bit of time upright to settle before opening and pouring to leave any small amounts of sediment in the bottle?