Python Civicrm API Keeps Giving 404 Error

By | July 12, 2018

I'm trying to use the Python Civicrm API located here: . I can connect to the site just fine, but anytime I try to query any of the content I get a 404 Error from the /extern/rest.php.

I am using an Admin account that has an API key.

from pythoncivicrm.pythoncivicrm import CiviCRM

url = ''  # works
site_key ='642346924242934720'  # works
api_key ='dbJKbjkse903332'  # works
civicrm = CiviCRM(url, site_key, api_key) # works

search_results = civicrm.get('Contacts') # ERROR

pythoncivicrm.pythoncivicrm.CivicrmError: request to failed with status code 404

If I'm already admin, what other possible reason could it be that I'm still getting blocked?

Thank you!