Question: Does anyone suck more AIDS than people with these opinions?

By | July 12, 2018
Opinions: "If it's popular, it MUST be good!" "Whoever hates my favorite entertainers is just jealous of them." "Different people are wastes of spaces who don't deserve the rights I have." "My opinions are the only ones that matter." "Nothing is ever my fault." "I never make mistakes." "Everybody should like what I like. If they don't, there is something wrong with them!" "People exist to serve me and do nothing else." "I hope Donald Trump caters to the one percent and leave everybody else out to dry!" "Whoever disagrees with me is an idiot." "Since my opinions are always the popular ones, they are the only ones that matter." "Anyone that hates on popular things and people is an idiot." "If I'm offending somebody, it's THEIR problem and not mine." "I'm inconsiderate, rude, selfish, and condescending because I CAN BE." "Hypocrisy is only acceptable when I'm being a hypocrite." "Narcissists and bullies are fun and exciting to be around." "Narcissists and bullies are much better people to have as friends than guys with ADHD."