Question: How do I move on from this or should I keep trying and potentially keep hurting?

By | May 26, 2018
My well Ex, have known each other for almost 4 years We were really happy together. she was a semester behind I buy an engagement ring to proposed during graduation the plan was that while she finishes school I would work and try to get an apartment set up so she could move with me afterwards and later get married. To do this I had to focus more on my school and as such since I didn’t want to ruin my surprise to her. I just kept telling her that I needed to focus on school and well eventually she felt alone. the semester ended n told her my the plans I had for us and we agreed to try to get back together because she said she also wanted to married me before so we decided to give it a try. I try to show her that she was my whole world but it wasn’t enough as I wasn’t there when her aunt die as such I was replace by her friend. Later on I find out that she was cheating on me with him when I went through her phone during the time we were suppose to be trying. I was heartbroken. That day she texted me that she ask the friend to play along cuz she wanted me to find text and break up with her. She showed me text from the guy too idk if I can belive that. We broken up And we are taking a break and afterwards consider getting together but like I feel so idk neglected cuz I could text her and she rarely replies, the stupid little sex jokes I would make, now falls under deaf ears where they get ignore and honestly it just breaks my heart even more to have the girl I love ignore me