Question: Im 33 and have no life, just wanted advice?

By | August 10, 2018
Im 33, female, single (no kids) and currently live with parents. Ive only had one relationship my first was at age 28 with a much older man but the problem was I didn't enjoy sex. Ive never been 'sexy' so the relationship ended. He called me and my family losers and has always said I'm not normal and he is right lol. I mean my family are typical (though introvert) they had careers/normal lives. He is right about me though. Ive always found it difficult to make friends and show interpersonal skills. Ive never had a social circle nor been on holiday with friends or anything Im just very quiet and 'offish' with people aparantly, though they also say I'm 'nice'. I work full time (as a newly qualified physiotherapist) but have no friends. In the evenings I used to go to my running club but this ex bf is a prominent character there and told me to stay away from him. So Im literally just alone in the evenings with my pet rat lol!! (I don't tell people I have one I feel childish!) I want friends (which I've not had since childhood), some form of social life and a long term partner (which will be difficult as I don't enjoy sex). Its just making me feel very low I guess I get like a suffocating feeling wishing I could be a teenager again so I could change my life. Although I was very anxious and extremely lacked social skills in my teens and twenties so doubt id have been able to do much differently anyway. At least now I can half hold a conversation. Just wanted advice really