Question: My girlfriend of two years ended it with me without a notice or anything just blocked me on everything and left without a word. Why???

By | May 26, 2018
My girlfriend of two years who I freaking love so damn much just canceled a lease on me right before we moved in then took all her stuff out my house while I was at work and just left didn’t tell me anything. The next week she got more distant wouldn’t come see me anymore then she just ignored me. I begged and pleaded to fix it and sent her countless long messages telling her how much I cared about her she didn’t even respond. She blocked me on all social media before I just texted her nicely saying it’s looking like you’ve moved on without notice and I think it’s time we just move on. I told her I couldn’t fathom how after two years I wasn’t even worthy of a response radio silence. This girl was my whole entire world. I did everything with her I treated her so great I loved her truer then anyone before I would absolutely have done anything for her. I did absolutely everything I could for her by taking her out all the time with stuff she wanted to do allowed her to live with me and even helped her through therapy. She just left without a notice. I’m so devasted and that’s a understatement. How could someone just up and leave without any notice. I’m utterly heartbroken we planned to get married and everything. Now she’s trash talking me to everyone and I don’t know why. She’s already messaging guys talking about sex and going on days it’s only been two days since we broke up. How do I get her back? Do I contact her?