Question: Representative Payee giving me letters late?

By | July 21, 2018
My Rep Payee has given me letters months late on 2 separate occasions making it so I nearly lose my benefits. The last time was today when she sent me a photo of a letter that was sent on June 5th stating that SS needed proof that I was still disabled and that they needed to hear from me by July 8th. It's July 21st and Saturday so I can't even call or go to an office. They said they will send another letter stating their decision and information about appealing. Will SS still give me my benefits if I go into an office on Monday and explain to them the situation and tell them that I have someone else who could be my new Payee? Will I still receive my benefits August 1st? Is appealing in this situation a quick process that will continue my benefits? I'm pretty upset and am looking for any info/advice whatsoever. Thank you