Question: Why are people being so disrespectful towards feminists?

By | August 10, 2018
From a women's perspective I accept there is some activities, jobs, sports etc. that are more suitable for men from a biology perspective and vice versa women. Men are different from women emotionally and physically, there's nothing wrong with that. In terms of equal rights and feminism, I think it's a preferable belief and a way to change the view on society but this is just the simple way men and women are built. There is more to gender studies besides this controversy. I see comments on men bashing women, men classifying lesbians as full feminist, and men thinking that it's because females are bitter towards men. With all do respect, this is not a personal assumption of my life, I am a straight women with a great a husband and family... so nothings personal. Gender identity, expression and biology upon men & women should not be inappropriately blown out of proportion. And although I'm not big on feminism, everyone has there own view on society, not everything is personal. People should focus on liberalism and not differentiating people on gender, class, race, religion