Riley Riddles in Reverse, third helping

By | June 8, 2018

Once more! For science!

Here's yet another batch of "inverted" Riley riddles. The idea is still exactly the same as before:

You get three words. You must find one solution word that you can attach..

  • to the beginning of one of the three words, (you have to figure out which one)
  • somewhere in the middle of another, and
  • to the end of the remaining word,

so that in each case, a new, single word is formed.

All the words here are very random, and some of them are even very rare, but every clue, result, and solution word is going to be strictly valid in Scrabble.

  1. then - but - ba
  2. died - deter - can
  3. tone - sold - men
  4. more - lard - lit
  5. is - luring - modes

I deliberately made this batch more difficult than the ones before, so to compensate, the solution words will form an encouraging sentence.

PS. There are now three full sets of these puzzles, and that's probably going to be the proverbial "it". If you could be so kind as to drop a comment about which ones you liked best, and which ones maybe not, I'd be much obliged. Any other comments and suggestions are of course highly appreciated, too. Thanks, and happy puzzling!