Self-lubricating 3D printable materials for space

By | October 30, 2017

Materials used in space need to not outgas significantly

An answer to this question: Would 3d-printed objects outgas in vacuum?

referred to the NASA outgassing database which showed that ABS, PET, and PLA filaments are all fairly low outgassing and suitable for space application.

What I'm wondering is whether there are any 3D-printable plastics that are both suitable for space and also self-lubricating. Nylon is the obvious printable self-lubricating material, but I believe that it outgasses too much (I don't think NASA has tested nylon filament, at least I can't find it in the database).

My primary interest is in hobbyist-grade, FDM printers but if there are materials that can be commercially 3D printed, that is also of interest.

Any ideas?