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How do I handle being seated at an unacceptable table at busy restaurant? [duplicate]

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My friend and I went to a nice restaurant the other night (about $20 per entree). It was busy and we had to wait a good 15 minutes and there were people waiting behind us as well.

The host took us to our table but it turned out to be right next to the bathrooms and I really don’t like that so I asked if we could get a different table but was told no because the restaurant was full, and the host was not very nice about it either, which was kind of embarrassing to me.

I thought about asking if we could get back in line and wait for a better table but I couldn’t come up with the words to do so, and being turned down for that as well would have made the situation much worse and I’m not sure if they have a procedure for that and the whole procedure would be awkward as well. I didn’t want to disrupt our evening so we just sat down and had the meal.

I really didn’t enjoy the dining experience as people kept walking right next to our table going in and out and we could hear flushing noises and it was just uncomfortable. I was kind of annoyed to have paid so much (bill came to $70 after everything) for such a poor experience.

At the same time I understand that under the circumstances the restaurant is not to blame. But then why did they put a table there to begin with? I doubt anyone seated at that table enjoys their experience.

So what else can you so in that situation?