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Ecommerce SEO structure – Headings [duplicate]

I have done quite a bit of research on SEO as I have a new website (around 6 months old) and it does not feature on google for any search terms that I would associate with it other than the website name where it ranks 1st lol.

My competitors are all established websites who have been around for a number of years with a solid customer base.

I suppose the main question is… Can i compete? or do i just need to bide my time?

Currently my product page structure has the main headinh <h1> at the top which is the product title

The product description then contains <h2> – Product title and brand and then a description below…

would it make much difference if below the <h2> i added another <h2> containing the product category?

My understanding is that the better googles understanding is of my products, the quicker I can potentially increase my ranking to compete with my competitors?