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Question: Can t believe It s a bicycle lock .?

Hey Guys . It has been a while . I have a friend who happen to be alot smaller than my self and he got a combination lock with numbers for his birthday . But as pranks his moral toke code . He locked my cycle into a wall in basement where we live .… Read More »

Question: Are Ronda Rousey and Kurt Angle going to defeat Triple H and Stephanie McMahon this Sunday at WWE WrestleMania 34 ?

Yes I know the results are fixed or staged or whatever and it’s all entertainment and blah blah blah, I hear that all the time when asking these kind of questions about wrestling, so don’t even try that with me. Anyway, from a storyline standpoint, who do you think might win ? I saw what… Read More »

Question: Pairs figure skating question?

background info Im a juv skater working on getting my 2flip & 2lutz, & hopefully start 2axel by the end of the year. I just started pairs Skating a little over a month ago, but we are progressing quite fast. (Starting throw axels & throw 2loops in the next few weeks) I have 2 Q’s:… Read More »

Question: What do you like about archery?

I’ve been thinking of trying archery but I usually like competitive sports with a lot of movement like soccer so would archery be boring to me, What makes it fun?

Question: In NHL hockey, in the OT shootout, can you take the puck behind the net and stuff it in the other side?

Question: What’s going on with Undertaker and John Cena?

I can’t figure it out where they are going with this feud Undertaker did not appear on Raw neither on Smackdown so is this match really not going to be announced for Wrestlemania?? I’m confused. k