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Question: How come Canada is as rich as USA but Mexico is so poor?

After quick search I noticed Mexico has virtually free trade with U.S. one of the biggest markets, lots of natural resources and Arable land! Am just try to understand Yes, I’m Aware they’re billionaires and millioners in Mexico! I’m talking about the general population! Why do so many have to immigrate to USA in order to… Read More »

Question: What does it mean when a culture embraces food so much?

Over the recent years, South Korea has been embracing food A LOT; it seems like food, eating, and satisfying their taste buds have become Koreans’ priority in life. There are Korean TV programs and YouTubers where people just eat food in front of the cameras for audience’s satisfaction. And they eat A LOT too, like… Read More »

Question: Does anybody know any recommended places to learn how to drive?Where’s it’s legal .I need plenty of space to learn the basics in Los angeles?

Here in Los Angeles , does anybody know any locations in Los Angeles for a beginner to learn how to drive ? Any recommended parking lots ? Please help . Thanks.