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Question: When chattel slavery is officially reinstated in the United States and Europe, how much do you think White women will sell for?

I’m guessing it’ll be as the White Christian Bible states here: “Here is the scale of values to be used. A man between the ages of twenty and sixty is valued at fifty shekels of silver, as measured by the sanctuary shekel. A woman of that age is valued at thirty shekels of silver.” –… Read More »

Question: Why do i think people are scared of me?

Im just a woman and people avoid eye contact. Do they think im mentally crazy because i heard people think they can see a person is crazy through their eyes. I dont know or think im crazy but you never know. People avoid small talk once they have been around me for a while. I… Read More »

Question: Heard a series of gunshots what should I do?

I live in a trashy part of town unfortunately its not very safe at night, but also not too bad. I hear what sound like gunshots maybe once every 2-3 months outside. Tonight I heard a series of gunshots fairly close, a succession of about 9-12 shots. This happened about 30 mins ago Should I… Read More »

Question: How do we disarm conservatives?

Since it would be dangerous to start taking people’s guns then why don’t we just ban the sale of new guns and all magazines. That way conservatives will lose their power overnight. At that point white people can start making their reparations to minorities or face the brutal consequences.