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Question: Copying Large Data from Worksheet of a Workbook to another worksheet in another workbook?

If i have a macro enabled excel workbook called “D.xlsm” and another macro enabled workbook “M.xlsm”. I have 2 querries in “D.xlsm” in sheet “Details” and “Ge” in “D.xlsm”. I want to have a VBA macro in “M.xlsm” to silently open “D.xlsm” (without poppingup) and refresh the connections in its query then copy the data… Read More »

Question: Every time I try to download an app from an online source, like Safari, it always fails midway through the download. How do I prevent this.?

I use DuckDuckGo as my Safari browser every time I download something off the internet. When I use chrome, the same problem occurs. It gives me two options, retry, or done. No matter how many times I tap “Retry”, it always repeats, and fails. When I tap “Done”, it ends the download entirely.

Question: I cant seem to find bluetooth on my hp 15f233wm Laptop?

I cant seem to find bluetooth on my hp 15f233wm. Laptop, there no bluetooth in device manager or control panel whenever i download the bluetooth drive and install it nothing happens but there is an option to connect devics but when i click on it nothing happens it just searches for device for a long… Read More »