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Question: KISS, MARRY, OR KILL: A Christian, a Jew, and a Muslim? And why?

I know this game isn’t very politically correct, but hey, there’s a Christian a Jew and a Muslim, which one do you kiss, marry, and which one do you kill? I feel the answers will reflect our societal views on religions and should be interesting! Ain’t here to judge just want to hear your reasonings,… Read More »

Question: Detailed summary of The Great Gatsby novel?

Im gonna be taking an exam this week about the novel and need some details and a summary of what its about. I dont have time to read the book so i wanted to ask here. Any help is appreciated

Question: EVERY QUESTION on R&S from 1, 2 and 3 days ago has been now transferred by level 7 transfer trolls. That’s right, NO questions remain…….?

They will likely soon delete ALL the questions from today. Why bother even asking any question? They ALL get deleted. We can’t report the transfer trolls, because they can’t be identified. LET’S BOYCOTT YAHOO ANSWERS. UPDATE: To check that what I say is true, just scroll down the question list on R&S. NO questions remain… Read More »