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Reset figure numbering

I define the MyChapter as a newcounter for my chapters. I use the


for figure numbering. I works correctly up to chapter 3, but from chapter 4 it does not reset the f…

Driver’s Licence Last Name Numbering Format (Ontario, Quebec, New Jersey)?

So I found out that Ontario Driver’s Licences have the following format: LXXXX – NNNIY – YMMDD

L – first letter of last name XXXX – number referring to your last name NNN – number referring to your first name I – number referring to your middle initial (0 if you don’t have one) YY – year of birth MM – month of birth – add 50 to month if you are female DD – day of birth

My question is, what is the encoding system they use for the first 5 alphanumeric digits? The first letter is the first letter of your last name, but what about the numbers? Everyone with the same last name will have the same first 5 alphanumeric digits. I used to think Ontario had propitiatory system with a database of last names, and attached a number onto them, but I discovered that New Jersey and Quebec uses the SAME system as well by looking at their sample licences on google. I wonder if anyone knows how the name is encoded. I’ve found something about the SoundEx system, but I don’t think it applies in this case. This question has been brought up once at Decoding New Jersey Driver’s License Codes but they did not manage to crack the code. Thanks!

Here are some last names and their numbers I found on the internet (some MAY not be right – they are taken from what looked to be trustworthy images):
* FISHER F4650 * PUBLIC P9030 * DOE D6101 * AARON A0378 * LAWSON L3870 * CORRIGAN C6650 * CALLAHAN C0291 * CHEN C3344 * FROZE F7618 * PARISE P1225 * GILLESPIE G4359 * TAUBMANN T0865 * PH P3000 * LAPOINTE L1531 * LUBIN L1507 * KINDEN K5356 * JONES J2146 * RICHARD R2636