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Question: Will it be easier to get accepted to Michigan state university because of Larry Nassar?

My friend told me that it’s probably going to be easier to get into MSU because they need the money to pay their 500 million. Is this true? I’m thinking of applying for the 2019-2020 school year

Question: Is it ok to follow my teacher on instagram ?

My teacher s instagram account is public so I was thinking to follow her but am not sure cuz she might be uncomfortable I don’t know how she would feel I followed her

Question: Could my bank give me a loan in this situation?

So I m a student with a part time job and parents who won t qualify for loans. I have pending financial aid from my school that will be refunded to me in a month, however I need some of that money now for school expenses. If I go to my personal bank and speak… Read More »

Question: Durham University vs. University of Edinburgh?

I got unconditional offers from Uni of Edinburgh (Policy Studies) and Durham Uni (Global Politics). I’m having trouble choosing between these 2 universities. The course contents are quite similar. I’m not sure which uni is stronger in Politics . I don’t really care much about the location either, I fully understand how different Durham and… Read More »

Question: What is more about k12 online retake high school classes?

Son failed his math class and I was looking into it a I saw that there is a way to retake the class that he failed in his real high school online with that I was wondering more about it like how long is it everyday is how does it work how does the school… Read More »