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Question: How do you deal with your car being written on? I’m not talking about how to wash it. I know how to do that. And I’m not sad. I am pissed…?

I’ve a bit of a temper when it comes to people treating me like trash. And not just calling me names, but things like how when I was younger and somebody threw a pint of milk on me when I wasn’t looking because they could. Long story short, I take self…

Talking about a crime after a non-disclosure agreement [duplicate]

This question already has an answer here:

Let’s say I have this scenario.

I commited a crime. No one has caught me yet.

Another person catches me. We agree to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

That person ends up speaking out about my crime.

Does this mean I will be investigated by some sort of government and sentenced if I was found guilty?


Will my crime not be legally allowed to be investigated into unless another reason shows up of why the government should investigate.

Then what will happen to the person who spoke out?

This is all a scenario and just looking for the answer out of interest.