What are the names of these poker games

By | March 19, 2017

My family and I play a poker and some of the games we play can't seem to found on the internet, there was no internet around when my dad learnt these because it was the 70's and in Ireland. The first one we play is 'four in the river' it's like Texas hold'em but with 4 cards dealt to each person instead of 2, 4 cards on the table instead of 5 and all turned one at a time.

The next one is called 'spade in the hole' everyone is dealt 5 cards 1 card at a time and one must be faced down at all time. You choose faced up or faced down for your next card. The pot is split between the person with the highest spade faced down and the best hand with all five cards (e.g. If you are dealt the ace of spades faced down and you keep it down then you know you'll win half.)