What is a good online resource or app (Android,PC) to start learning Korean from the very beginning?

By | March 25, 2017

I am looking for resources to learn Korean. There is no big reason as to why I want to learn Korean. I read some manhwas and did a bit of tae kwon do for a while. The culture seemed interesting and modern, compared to other Asian cultures. I also read that Korean is easy to learn and that there are many resources to teach you.

I am a total beginner and don't know where to start. Googling for resources is a bit overwhelming, to be honest. There are so many websites and apps etc. But most resources seem a bit lightweight or miss stuff for beginners. What I learned is, that the first step would be to learn the alphabet.

I really need some recommendations. Any resources you can vouch for? It would be nice to find an interactive app to learn the language. The apps I found in the Google Play Store only got some quick phrases to use as a tourist. Most of them expect you to know the alphabet and how to put the characters together to form a word. I need something that starts with the basics.

My first objective would be to learn the alphabet, to read and write and correctly pronounce words. After that, I would need to learn some vocabulary + grammar. I would like to read manhwas and watch movies in Korean (source needed).

Are there western movies with Korean voice over and Korean subs?

I hope you have some great resources for me and personal recommendations.

PS: I am German, but I guess there won't be many resources in German, right?