How to avoid shaking hands?

I recently developed dyshidrosis, which makes my palms look disgusting. So I don’t want to show my hands to anybody to see.

People often do not looking at the hands when shaking, and this eczema does not spread from person to person. However, if they do, it would be very award whatever I explain. So I would like to avoid shaking hands as much as possible.

I’m looking for a way to avoid shaking hands. Ideally, they should forget about the needs of shaking my hands. I’m in the US, my job requires me to have meetings with strangers once a week.


I enjoy meeting with people, and have no problem with shaking hands, fist bump, high five or whatever. This eczema is short term, and I want to start shaking hands again when it is over. I don’t want to develop a reputation of avoiding shaking hands. Moreover, I’m Asian and atheist.

Thanks @EmC for pointing out, this question is the closest to mine, avoid shaking hands because of a condition. But the difference is that clammy hands do not look disgusting. I have no problem shaking hands as long as people do not look at my hands. The other question is not very related to mine, as I said, I want to start shaking hands again when my eczema is gone.