Adding a new (beginner) player in to a running campaign

My group and I are all new to D&D but we had a great experience so far.

I’m the DM for my sister and my brother in law. We are currently playing through the Lost Mines of Phandelver and have reached the 3rd chapter after a few sessions.

After telling my other sister about it she showed interest in playing as well.
But she doesn’t have any experience with roleplaying games either.

So I thought in order to properly approach the game it would be best to start at level 1. But I believe that just adding a level 1 PC to 2 level 3 PCs would be a bit weird and she wouldn’t be able to get too much time in the spotlight.

I thought about about pausing the campaign in order to start a new one with her until she is around the same level and got a hang of the game. And letting her then join the current one.

The other players would either roll new level 1 characters or maybe play their current one a few years in the past. (Which might in turn cause problems with the concept of death)

Has anybody been in a similar situation and any suggestions or tips?

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