AMD Chipset with Windows 7 x64 Reports 3TB drive as 748GB

I have an old AMD system running Windows 7 x64.

I recently upgraded to a 3TB drive (from 512GB), cloning my old drive contents over with Acronis.

Long story short, it shows up as a 748GB disk.

Yes, the disk is MBR. My mobo doesn’t support UEFI, so I can’t go to GPT.

I booted into GParted, and I can see the full size of the drive, 3TB.
I resized the partition to 1.9TB…

It won’t boot into Windows.

What am I missing here? Apparently it’s my windows installation that won’t accept a drive larger than 748GB.

I see other topics talking about this, and GParted fixes the issue.
In windows my drive can’t be any larger than 748, or it won’t boot.

I see people talking about needing Intel RST, but my chipset is AMD64.

Is there a patch I can install to get my OS to work with a boot drive that is larger than 748GB?

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