Client requesting things out of my domain in the name of maintainance

So, I happen to develop an inventory management system for a local store. The main owner (An old timer non-techie) of the store was reluctant about the idea, but his son was the one who wanted the software developed and paid quite handomsly for it.

I gave them a monthy subscription based pricing because the son saw a lot of potential in the software and was quite sure that he would need updates and would surely make it more than just a inventory management tool. The fee obviously had a monthly maintainance fee in it as well, which they had, including the father, happily agreed to.

I am a solo dev and the type of software these guys wanted was not readily available in my repo, thus I put in quite some effort into it but it was okay as the pay was good.

Now, two months later the son has left for his MBA to Canada and I am unable to contact him. So, I have to deal with his father, who, yesterday called me and asked me to come over and fix the shop's internet connection in the name of maintainance.

Not only do I have no clue how to do it, it is not what I am supposed to do but this guy says he’ll press charges against me as my contract says-

Help with all the processes in the software and repair any software functionality causing any kind of problem

So, this being a software on the network, internet is a problem and he wants me to repair it.

I thought I’d let him press charges and happily go to court when I realized that I don’t really have funds to get a lawyer or anything. Plus my area’s police is stupid and would happily accept bribes from this guy to harrass me.

I’m in a fix, what can I do, what are my options here, or am I in the wrong and should actually fix his internet?

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