Custom Suffixes for Sub-compounds in chemnum

I’m using chemnum to keep track of my compounds in my thesis, and there are certain instances where I have a group of compounds that differ by a single substituent. Ideally, I would like to be able to define the suffixes used for subcompounds like so:


A class of compounds cmpd{substituted} can have several R groups as substituents. 
I would like cmpd{substituted.methyl} and cmpd{substituted.phenyl} to appear as 
cmpd{substituted}$cdot$Me and cmpd{substituted}$cdot$Ph both here in the text 
and when using replacecmpd{} with my .ps files. 

Is there any way to edit the counter representation when declaring a subcompound? Or can it be edited after subcompound declaration?


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