Enable NUMLOCK when computer wakes for sleep mode using Task Scheduler

I am from the Netherlands so apologies for my English in advance! I am doing everything that is mentioned in this post:click this link. The Powershell script works because when I go to the file and I right click it and then choose ‘run with Powershell’ the NUMLOCK is turned on. So far so good! However, I have tried for hours, but I can not get it to work with the task scheduler. I have tried literally everything. I have searched the web and tried all kind of things, but nothing works. When I go, in the task scheduler, to ‘task status’ it says that the task is being performed and under ‘results’ it says ‘succeeded’. When I go, in the task itself, to ‘history’ it says ‘task accomplished’ with an OpCode (whatever this means?) of 2 and ID of 102. I hope I am translating all the terms correctly because I am using the Dutch version of Windows 10.
In the task itself I have tried the info that i refer to but that didn’t work. I now have put under ‘Program / script’ : C:WindowsSystem32WindowsPowerShellv1.0powershell.exe Under ‘Add parameters'(optional)’I have added : C:UsersrmanselDocumentspowershellnumlock.ps1 Under ‘start in (optional)’I have added : C:UsersrmanselDocuments
Like I said, I have tried everything! From leaving ‘start in’ blank to putting different things in ‘add parameters’. Nothing works. Like I wrote, it does start the task according to the task scheduler so I have set the triggers for the task correctly.
Who can help? I would be so thankful! Best regards, Roy

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