How do I stop my son from drinking any soft or sugary drink?

My son is 25 and studying for a PhD. He has at least 13 cavities that all require fillings. Every dentist and dental hygienist has warned him to stop drinking ANY soft and sugary drinks.

But he still drinks a bottle (500 mL) of Coke or Pepsi every day. When we ask him why he still drinks soft drinks, he accepts all the science and advice, but counters that:

  1. he needs something sweet to drink when thirsty. Water and tea aren’t.

  2. Coke or Pepsi tastes exceptionally good.

I can’t control his apparent addiction to these sugary beverages, which overcome his attempts to care about his teeth.
We’ve tried everything beneath, but nothing has swayed him.

  1. Moderation
  2. Throwing out any such beverage that we see. But then he buys more.
  3. Cold Turkey
  4. Change of Environment
  5. Hacking the habit loop (in soda, people get three things: bubbles, a sweet treat, and caffeine. Finding all three in a beverage other than soda is tricky.)

He doesn’t live with me, is financially independent, and not working full-time now.

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