How to deal with a workplace that spreads you too thin?

I am in a situation that I do not believe is unique. Basically company A is a small company, less than 100 employees, in cyber security industry. There is a ton of work to be done, but lacking the hands. Higher ups don’t understand the sheer amount of work that goes into software development and don’t believe hiring more technical people is worth the investment, they continue to hire more black suits(non-technical people).

Employee Tom, a software engineer, is spread incredibly thin with multiple deadlines. There are lower level technical employees (that basically do nothing and are incredibly lazy) but if you want to offload work to them, expect to spend 3x the time teaching them (of which they don’t care) when you could just do the job yourself the right way. Because, I’d rather do one project 100% than 5 projects half as well. So I have a few questions on how to approach this.

  1. How to show higher ups that we desperately need more hands and less black suits without coming off as “lazy” or “unproductive”?

  2. More importantly, how to inform them that any additional hiring’s need to run through the software developers because we will have to deal with them?

  3. At what point do you jump ship and get a job that you believe is ran correctly and you can do your best work?

Note: The job itself is great, flexible, learn a ton and the work is challenging, which I love. This makes a decision that much harder.

Edit: It might seem like I am might be unfair in my assessment. I think it would be helpful to give a few examples of tasks because some believe I am the source of the problem. Tasks such as…

1.) “We need a report for x project, please ask us questions if you don’t understand anything.” The report comes back with spelling mistakes everywhere, incomplete sentences.

2.) After teaching about our product for 3 months, we ask for a summary. They miss key details that were stressed many times and that only could have been missed if they did not care. We weren’t looking for a detailed summary, but testing their awareness in a way.

3.) “Hey we understand you don’t know the code base, could you read the code we have written (which is already documented) and document it in your own words and create a flow so you can better understand what we are trying to do?” – They attempt to do so and return a report in 20 minutes that is just lazy by all attempts. We then explain to them how we would like it. Process repeats.

I am perfectly happy and excited to help anyone, regardless of their experience, on anything they need. But when we take precious time out of our hectic schedule to teach them, and they show a 200% lack of interest (spelling mistakes), then I draw the line.

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