How to get out of the public restroom with clean hands?

Some public restrooms are just nasty to say the least, but even the ones that look clean may have many nasty germs inhabiting them. I’m not interested in the full process of keeping everything of myself clean while in a public restroom. I’m only interested in how to keep my hands as clean as possible while in there, and especially having clean hands when I have exited.

I’ve tried many things over the years, like trying to hold it till I got home, using a urinal where possible and not flushing so I don’t have to touch the flusher handle. Washing my hands really good when done. Etc. I’m hoping there is a better way?

Also, this question will refer to regular fast food type, gas station type restrooms. Where there is 1 toilet, 1 sink, and 1 hand towel dispenser, like shown in the picture. No automated sensors or anything special.

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