How to solve problem AT+INQ ERROR (1F), AT+INIT ERROR(17) on Bluetooth Module HC-05?

i have problem with accessing at-command in module Bluetooh HC-05.

i just follow all tutorial to activate at-command like this,

or in this video

and just read some explanation and implemented to my problem
HC-05 Bluetooth AT+INQ command not working

but i just still get same error.
i cant use AT+INQ command, always get ERROR(1F).
AT+INIT get ERROR(17).

i have module HC-05 with version 3.0-20170601

This is my code i use it.

SoftwareSerial BTserial(8, 9); // RX | TX`

const long baudRate = 38400; 
char c=' ';
boolean NL = true;

void setup() 

   Serial.print("Sketch:   ");   Serial.println(__FILE__);
   Serial.print("Uploaded: ");   Serial.println(__DATE__);
   Serial.println(" ");

Serial.print("BTserial started at "); Serial.println(baudRate);
Serial.println(" ");

void loop()


// Read from the Bluetooth module and send to the Arduino Serial Monitor
if (BTserial.available())
       c =;

   // Read from the Serial Monitor and send to the Bluetooth module
if (Serial.available())
       c =;

    // Echo the user input to the main window. The ">" character indicates 
    the user entered text.
    if (NL) { Serial.print(">");  NL = false; }
    if (c==10) { NL = true; }


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