Is it legal to create an online video course based on a book?

I read a great book about programming and I want to create an online video course based on it. Essentially, “convert” it into a video format by explaining the things I understood in my own words, but still following the structure and order of the book. I’m not going to copy any text or images directly from the book.

There are several concerns I have:

  1. This seems perfectly legal since I’m creating my own original content being impressed by the book. But I’m not sure. Are there any caveats maybe?
  2. Is it legal to use the name of the book in the name of my course? For example, “Online course: Exploring the ‘XXX’ book by John Doe“.
  3. Is it legal to re-draw in my own style the illustrations and tables and use them in the videos?
  4. Is there a way to to re-write the programming code from the book, modifying it somehow to make it legal?

Thank you.

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