Question: Bartholin’s cyst?

As I was showering this morning, I felt a bump down there, but not just 1 which is the Bartholin’s cyst but there is another one (on the same left side) but slightly closer to the clitoris. So that males it two, the best bump close to the clit is much more smaller than the bartholin’s.
Now, before I had any of this, I’ve been treating with antibiotics an infection I also have, I’ve seen green on my panties, not dark green but light green fluid.
I finished my antibiotics yesterday, took 2 everyday as my doctor said and everything good or that I thought until this morning when I felt those cysts.
My bartholin’s cyst does not look as huge as the ones on google images lol but it is big.
Have any pf you experienced anything like this? What was the treatment? Any advice? Do you have any knowledge on this? Please help.

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