Question: Can a Christian please explain to me why your daughters have to wait until 16 to date?

It just doesn’t make any sense to me. I have a 16 year old son who likes a 14 and 9 months girl. He has no sexual interest in her nor in anything really, it’s purely innocent between the two of them, kind of like a Disney movie really, and her parents are devout Christians and refuse to let them commit to each other.

I just don’t understand the reasoning in that, they allow their daughter to spend time with my son at my house as often as they want to spend time together, but they put their foot down that they refused to allow the two of them to call each other boyfriend and girlfriend. I read online that it has something to do with the girl limiting her options too young but all that really says is they want Christian girls to be a hoe and to flirt around with many guys. Isn’t that worse than committing to someone who’s not your soulmate? And who’s to say that a person you meet when you are 14 and 9 months isn’t a soulmate?

You Christians have all sorts of crazy rules and I can’t keep up with it, you’re inside the Box thinking is just so outdated and annoying.

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