Question: How much hair does an individual lose when they begin to experience male pattern baldness ?

When I shampoo I’ve been noticing that a few individual strands will appear on my hand. Some times they range from as high as 6 individual strands to fewer. It’s different everytime I rub my hand over my head, but it seems like if I keep rubbing, the hairs will just continue to appear. I started to notice this almost a week ago. I can’t tell if they’re just old hairs or if I’m ready experiencing the first signs of male pattern baldness. This is the first time I actually pay attention to my hands after shampooing, or at least I don’t ever recall seeing hairs appear on my hands like this. Can anyone tell me what if this sounds like male pattern baldness, or am I just overreacting. I get paranoid very easily, sorry about that. I’m an 18 year old male if this information helps.

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