Question: Is it possible for me to transfer out of UC Merced to CalPoly SLO, SDSU or UC Riverside?

I am a freshman at UC Merced and I don’t really like the campus culture or the academics. We are located in the middle of nowhere and there is almost nothing to do around here (it’s very rural and lonely). The freshmen body size is 1,700 lower than most state universities in California.

My major is Biological Sciences and the instructors here really don’t seem that special. They are more focussed on their research and building their careers than the students. We had a graduate student teach us for 3 straight weeks because the professor was busy working on a research project, but his name is listed on the class. The graduate student seemed at a loss over how to explain certain concepts like Kreb’s Cycle.

I really want to get out of this university, it doesn’t feel like a real college experience. I had a 3.34 weighted in high school and I didn’t actually do so hot on my SAT (it’s a 970 out of 1600). Can I transfer out to CalPoly SLO, SDSU or UCR? Last year I got rejected by CalPoly SLO, SDSU and UCR due to my non-competitive stats but I got into UCM mainly because I was a “splitter” – higher GPA than median/ lower SAT than median. I really really hate Merced, it’s just a depressing campus. I should’ve visited the campus before I made the deicsion to go here.

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