Question: What should I do when nobody lets me in around where I live?

Everybody where I live is all the same, they stick together, and you have to be ‘in’ with all or you’re out. Its like mini cliques.

you typically gets accused or labeled ‘different’ and snubbed by them or bullied by them. Bullying is a common thing out here, as these people views ‘different’ as a major violation.

The women typically don’t hang with singled out, individual guys like I said-their guys friends all dress the same, talk the same, act the same and physically look alike.

They tend to ‘gang upon’ somebody or ‘come after’ somebody and they typically seem to be against law and authority. They seem to be in cahoots with each other. I cannot join into cliques. I just cannot do it.

So everybody around here is in ‘packs’ or ‘mini cliques’ and yes I do live in an uneducated area.

What should I do?

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