Question: Which is better? To be open or silent?

I’ll bring up my past. Well, whenever I said something to my mother, she would make me feel bad, so I became silent and nontalkative. I was a bad child or felt like one because I would get into trouble in elementary school. I was somewhat a bully, and other students would also bully me or tease me. And I would tell my parents (mainly my mom) everything. When I had something in mind, I’d blurt it out without any thoughts beforehand and would regret it later on.
If I hadn’t said anything, things would have been so different in my life as of right now.
That’s why I said “I shouldn’t have said that” after saying most things because of what I said. I would have rather kept to myself because then I wouldn’t have dealt with the long talks my mother gave to me. That’s why I never said too much and was self-concious after that. This was all in elementary school. I’m in high school and sometimes keep to myself so things won’t get bad. I often am open and say how I feel now, but I do it with caution.

I remember being so naïve back then and would do the dumbest things and I told my mom. I hated saying them afterword. I’d be like “Aw, I wish I hadn’t said that” to avoid speeches. I did something bad & then I’d say it because I’m open and honest but even back then I was more of a liar then I’d be honest and more open about my feelings and intentions to have them be corrected. I don’t know how to feel now because if I kept them in, then I wouldn’t know what was right or wrong.

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