Question: Why is she more protective and coddling with me?

I met a girl that’s a couple grades ahead of me and she started laughing loudly at a joke I made and at great length then started talking to me and asked me to repeat it. While I was talking she smiled the whole time. After she waited in the hall to pop out and say boo and smile at me. She began putting herself in my conversations to laugh at half funny stuff I say, ask me questions or repeat stuff and it’s only on my end. Then once I talked to her she scares me. Her friend asked me to talk to her and joke around with her tell her stories and chase her around as a joke. Her friend asks me to sit with them but the girl had an attitude but tried to talk to me any way she can as usual. When they took turns with selfies next to me and it’s her turn next to me she asked me to get closer to her. Must be the only one next to me and she wants me close to her. While talking to me she gets red, smiles, makes no eye contact and tries to hide her face. In the halls she can’t look me in the eyes or say hi first but when I do she blushes and smiles. She giggles and says my name when I look at her. She hovers around me with her friend and approaches me. When I talk about something bad she says my name warmly. I said something bad about her best friend she just says my name warm heartedly. Her friends look at her and say her name when I enter a room. I was talking about someone smoking and she got defensive and told me not to do it yet she does and her guy friends do but she doesn’t care.

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